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Created a visually interesting infographic poster for a Berlin-based software company, The Lean Apps specializing in Lean innovation, User Experience, Digital Transformation, Splunk, Start-ups, and Technology.

The Challenge

To create an impressive poster, for Digital Transformation. It should be about the process itself.

The Solution

Research about Digital Transformation and figure out how to present a vast amount of information in a poster, keep it fresh, interesting and at the same time useful to understand the process. It was aimed that this poster should be used as a standard process guide by companies, organizations and educational institutaions.

Some of the Infographic Elements

This page showcases a selection of my Custom Infographic Designs. All of these infographic elements designs are: from commissioned projects. Do not copy the design ideas or sketches, to use as is or modified in any form. All rights reserved by the designer – Shubhangi Bhosale for The Lean Apps.


  • 4000+ clicks and 1200+ shares – in just 2 days.
  • Increased the web traffic by 200%.
  • Improved engagement by 61%.
  • 100% successful in reaching the goal of being educational, engaging and helpful in business promotion.

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