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The Process

As each project is different, no two processes are the same.

Depending on the project/client objectives, I will put more emphasis on one step or another. For me, the important thing is to learn from actual users, collaborate across teams, sketch ideas & test possible solutions, then based on results/feedback – iterate further.

Generally, it goes like this:
User ResearchContent StrategyDesignTest & Iterate.

Discovery & Research

Start the project by discovering the subject, and conducting user interviews with the target group: Meet with the CEO, developers, and head of marketing for project introduction, goals definition and designing planning.

Content Strategy

Create personas and scenarios provide a shared understanding of users’ goals and capabilities. Create minimal important features that will create a useful and great experience. Structure information architecture and user flows to show possible paths of a novice vs. returning user.

Sketch and Design

Illustrate sketches and wireframes. Create style guides for colors, icons, and typography of the design. Generate a clickable high fidelity prototype based on the needs.

Test & Iterate

Perform user testing to gauge the users’ experience with the new (re)designs and follow up on iterations.

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